social media advertising consultantMy career in Digital Marketing started in 2015  just before I left the four walls of the university. I had a Clothing business I was running at the time. I was successfully selling print shirts to students in school then. After school was over , I realized I didn’t have the luxury and proximity to students so I had to find new customers for my shirts online and that led me to the INTERNET. 

I then started learning online marketing and how people find solutions to problems they have online . These problems linger around these 3 major features:

Getting Traffic to their products and services

Converting the strangers from that traffic into raving buyers 

Retaining the traffic and making them convert over and over again

During my learning process, I hit my first roadblock with trying to develop complicated sales funnels and realized, the SIMPLER IT IS, THE BETTER.

I practiced and perfected the use of paid adverts, especially Facebook and Instagram ads to generate growth and to also advertise products to the right target audience that would be interested in what brands were offering. I then went on to learn the magic of generating more traffic from email marketing with SEO in view

With this, I noticed there were a few things you needed to make this happen.

A Traffic source – Ad platform

A Home – Your website or landing page

Skill – Ability to make them buy

Many years later , I must say it has been a wonderful experience learning from Top marketing coaches like Alcyone Gunn ( Six Figure Chick), Abu Fofanah, Neil Patel, Dan Ogilvy and a few more.

I was hired by numerous brands like Wynkkbeauty, The Event Girl, GlambyOmoye, LSH Beauty, Billiving to handle the marketing end of their businesses and we have generated results worth millions in the form of straight cash sales and also leads.

Working with them, I implemented all the digital marketing channels possible to help the company generate more revenue.

It didn’t take long before I decided to start sharing all I had learnt, people noticed and started consulting me to work on their pages, their websites, their social media pages and even their marketing funnels to know what I could suggest for them to take action on to grow traffic, increase engagement and increase sales

My passion for growing small and medium scale businesses in the creative space moved me from being a business owner selling products online to having to help other businesses get traffic and sell their own products online.

Thankfully today, I have been given the opportunity to help numerous brands (large scale to small and medium scale) increase their online presence to help people find them and their products in ways that would generate revenue.

This is the joy of any Digital Marketing Consultant or Agency.

These days, I consult for brands, coach them privately on their ads and funnels and also train organizations and companies for this purpose too .

My free time? I spend that watching Soccer and NBA, Lifting weights at the gym or just sitting on the couch eating as much Turkey as i can 😝

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